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How can corporate and workplace wellness benefit you

Absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism are common risk factors for business.

Early detection of chronic illness, stress, and health issues in your workplace are key to getting ahead of the problems, lowering health risks and reducing employee turnover.

Supporting employees physical and emotional wellbeing, increases productivity and boosts morale. Our sessions are designed to equip employees with the tools to implement healthy behaviours, to optimise energy levels and detect early signs of ill health. 

Topics we cover include; Stress management, mental health, optimising energy levels, immune system support, gut health and female health.

Please get in touch to discuss the full range of services, bespoke work and fees.

Our programmes for employees are:

✓  Customized

✓  High-quality

✓  Engaging

✓  Educational

✓  Current

✓  Striking

✓  Professionally presented

✓  Cover a variety of nutrition & wellness topics

✓  Virtual, in-person or hybrid

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An example of what we offer 
  • Webinars

  • ‘Lunch & Learn’ - mini-series on specific topics

  • In-person educational talks

  • Group workshops

  • 1-1 consultations

  • Health review drop in in clinics

  • Educational talks

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