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What is Nutritional Therapy

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

You hear the word Nutrition and you think diet. Yes, diet is at the core of what we do, but there is SO much more to Nutritional therapy, let me explain why.

Nutritional Therapy uses a whole body approach to optimise health and prevent disease. Every recommendation given is unique to each client, there is no ‘one size fits all’. A whole body approach means we don’t look at diet and symptoms in isolation, we take into account physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as lifestyle factors such as sleep and stressors.

Testing is also used where necessary, this is either done privately or via the GP. Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for convention medical care but can work in synergy alongside other health care providers.

So what is the process?

To get started you will receive a health questionnaire and food diary to complete. These forms will help me understand your circumstances and identify any possible nutritional imbalances and contributing factors to your symptoms and health concerns. We will discuss everything in detail during the initial consultation and will set some goals for our time working together.

You will receive personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations, with supplement and testing recommendations when necessary. We will speak weekly and you will be asked to keep weekly food diaries for me to review, helping you stay on track with continued support throughout.

There are many reasons you may seek help from a nutritional therapist, these include;

Ø Digestive complaints such as IBS

Ø Skin issues including eczema and acne

Ø Allergies

Ø Chronic fatigue and Low energy

Ø Sleep disturbances

Ø Weight management

Ø Thyroid dysfunction

Ø Hormonal imbalances

Ø Preventive care

During our time together I will help you take control of your health! I will guide and educate you, helping you feel confident to make healthy choices that make you feel good.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to address your health and are getting nowhere? Or are you tired of not seeing results and confused by the conflicting advice on the internet? Then Nutritional therapy is for you. .

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